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Donation Scheme

St Joseph’s Catholic School BOT has opted into the Government Donations Scheme.


To be read in conjunction with the information sheet from the Ministry of Education.


So what does this mean?

It means we will not ask you for any money for school trips/visiting shows, seek school donations or ask for any type of additional levy or fee. The exception to this is for overnight camps, which we can ask for money for your child to attend to cover accommodation, food and transport costs.


What do we use the school donations for?

We use this to cover the running costs of the school and some additional support for students. This $150 per child resourcing will continue to support that.


How does the donation scheme benefit our school?

The school will be better off and with it being guaranteed income, we can budget and plan a lot easir We will continue to review this each year as we can decide to opt out from one year to the next.


Can we still fundraise?



Can we still have mufti days to fundraise and raise money for charities?



Can the PTA still fundraise for the school?



Does this cover uniform?

No, as there is a take home aspect and you own it so yes you will have to pay.


Does it cover stationery?

No, you will still need to cover the costs of this yourself. However you do not need to purchase it from the school.


Does it cover Chrome books or other devices?

At St Joseph’s Catholic School we provide all devices e.g Chrome books from Year 4-6 and ipads across Year 0-3. This will continue to be the same. There is no expectation to buy your own chrome book, but that is the only device that can be used.

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