St Joseph's School Dargaville

“Flourish in Faith, Hope and Love
while Realising all our Gifts and Talents”

Wellington 2019

Day Six, On our way Home:

Day Five, 

Parliament , 

Fergs Rock Climbing 

and Weta Workshop- 

Blood Making 

 Day Four -Te Papa,

                H2O Pool

Day Three - Suzanne  Aubert Home of Compassion

Day TWO:   Capital E Theater and  Media Works Lab

Day One:


Wellington Whanau Meeting 2019

11th November - 6pm 

Please ensure that all your tamariki have all they need 

Mr Truter opened with a welcome to all whanau

  • Requirements - Mr Truter explained that all tamariki are expected to listen to their adults and we must keep our tamariki safe at all times.  Please ensure that your tamariki have smart and tidy uniform.

    • No lollies - sugar rush

    • No electronics - camera is okay

    • Leaving early - please ensure all tamariki are ready for early start - check in time

    • Baggage - 23kg - ensure you have bags

    • Showering - every night - clean

    • Parents to check students' clothing etc, packing - please ensure that they have toiletries (toothpaste/toothbrush/ deodorant/soap/facecloth etc)

    • Please ensure that tamariki have no more than $20 for spending on the way home - snacks/meal

    • Dress code for all activities will be full uniform - they may wear mufti at the Marae but please ensure that this is appropriate wear. 

  • Timetable  - All whanau were handed timetable - Mr Truter went through this.

    • Pack lunch - first day - all tamariki (Sunday)

    • water bottle (A must)

    • All whanau were handed out timetable

    • Photos will be uploaded to website by Mrs Scott 

  • Marae:

    • There will be a powhiri to welcome

    • Protocol and keeping everything clean

    • All will have jobs - 

    • Tamariki will need to be respectful at all times of tikanga.

  • Behaviour -

    • Any tamariki who are not behaving will stay back at the Marae with their adult in charge. 

Meeting closed: 6:45pm