St Joseph's School Dargaville

“Flourish in Faith, Hope and Love
while Realising all our Gifts and Talents”


Our Catholic religious education programme  is a feature of our school.  We are different from the other State schools in our district because of our Catholic Special Character.  We are an important and integral part of the parish. Our classes take part in Mass for children every Wednesday by rotation, and on special days we all go to Mass to celebrate together.  Currently several students are learning about the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation in preparation for thier First Holy Communion.
Support for our school through Catholic families enrolling children at our school will help to further strengthen and enrich our school.
At St Joseph's Catholic School we not only have literacy and numeracy as a focus, but we also take pride in offering a large range of sporting opportunities, for example,  swimming, cross country, tennis, netball and v ball, rugby, league, cricket and athletics - and music -   our school band, which practices each week and performs regularly in our community and further afield, and our new choir, contribute to our learning programme.
Our science, technology and social sciences programmes are taught through inquiry - a teaching approach that encourages and empowers students to be at the centre of their own learning.    St Joseph's Catholic School is a decile 4 school.  This year our teachers have developed individual learning plans for their students which take into account students' individual strengths and needs as we aim to realise all  gifts and talents in our students.
You are most welcome to come and visit our school - we would love to meet you!
Richard Truter